{the 411 on becky's auction of all things cute}

•The auction will be going from Sept. 7th until September 10th. (ending at midnight, pst)

•You may bid on items by leaving a comment on that item's post with your bid.

•Please make sure that you got to page 2 of our awesomeness and do not comment anonymously as that would make things tough when you win.

• If you would like to donate an item of cuteness to Becky's auction, please email baldforbecky at gmail dot com. Spread the word to all of your friends because we want to help Becky's family as much as we possibly can.

•For updates on Becky's treatment, you can follow her facebook page.

•If you are notified as a winner, you can follow our donate link to donate and include your shipping info in the comments section of your paypal payment.

Friday, September 10, 2010

you are a winner!

Congratulations and thank you. Not only are you a winner, but you are also incredibly wonderful for helping Becky's family during this marathon trial. Thank you. Please follow the donate button (paypal) to pay for your items. In the comment section of your payment, include your address, email address and the items you are paying for so we can forward it onto the business that donated. We have enjoyed this last week, watching bidding wars and the outpouring of generosity. I cannot say thank you enough, but THANK YOU. This auction has raised far more than expected and has been a blast to be part of. With your help, we have raised $1790 for the Veatch Family. Thank you. (again. and again. and again. did I tell you how wonderful you all are?)

Cooling Breeze Notecard Set: Lindsey $15 Art Print: America's Favorite City: $12 Michelle McRae
The Cheeky Whale 8x10: $12 JessiRose
Custom a-line Skirt: $35 Michele84084
Girl's Cloak: Annalia $40
Velveteen Bonnet: Sarah $35
Family Calendar: Anna $30
Monkey Onesie 3-6 mos: $10 Emily P.
Monkey Onesie 0-3 mos:$6 Lyndsey
Personalized Stamp: $50 Emily P.
Hope Miche Bag: Laurie Chalk $35
CUstom Children's Silhouette: $15 Lindsey
Crocheted Shower Puffs: $10 Kathy
Baby Hat Set: $20 Jennifer
Fingerless gloves/hat: $25 Lindsey
Baby petal hat/blue: $24 Lindsey
Baby Petal hat/pink: $25 Alpha and Omega
Crocheted Tea Set: $55 Jenny
Bird's Nest Family Tree: $30 Lindsey
Polka Dot Half Apron: $23 Liz Morrill
B.Children's $25 GC: $30 Sarah
You are my sunshine/the wheatfield: $25 Sarah
Be filled with Joy: $70 Michele84084
Bowtie Doll Quilt #2: $100 Shana
Bowtie Doll Quilt #1: $100 Shana
Dolce Quilt: 75 Pamom
Shadowbox #2: Anna $40
Shadowbox #1: JessiRose $30
Swimsuit #5: $30 Rachel K
Swimsuit #4: $25 Kathy Greenwood
Swimsuit #3: $38 Dave and Suzie
Swimsuit #2:$32 Shay,Chelsea, Jonas
Swimsuit #1:$30 Lindsey
Set of 4 Inspirational Prints: $20 Lindsey
You are my Sunshine Print: $20 Lindsey
Holiday Card Set #2: $10 Teresa
Holiday Card Set #1: $6 Kimber
Knick Knack Poster: $10 Meredith
This Little Piggy Poster: $17 JessiRose
Skidamarink Poster: Ann $25
Share Poster: $40 Toni McRae
You are my Sunshine Poster/Inkpetals: $25 Kristin
Owl Bookend: $25 Shana
Hootie Hat:$45 Melissa
Set of 12 cards/labels: Lindsey $10
Vinyl Tree with birds: $$40 Emily P.
Petit French Pillows: $15 JessiRose
3 Elephants Vinyl Wall Art: $15 Katrina
Fingerprint Family Tree: $45 Sarah
Turquoise Corsage Dress:$10 Lindsey
Flower Pin: $8 Paige
Rag Garland: $30 Lindsey
Diaper Cake: $25 Kathy Greenwood
$50 GC Much Ado: $25 Kathy R.
I love Lucy Apron: $42 Melissa
Wooden Camera: $25 Becca
Summer Family Tree: $18 Dottie
Handmade Initial Charm: $45 Jess
Set of Posy Pins:$17 Lindsey
Poster from Petite Collage: $25 Shana
$25 GC Finley and Oliver: Teresa $30
$50 GC from Sarah Jane: $40 Sarah


  1. I am so thrilled with the success of your auction! I am honored to have been a part of it, and touched by the outpouring of love and support for Becky. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help in the future!

  2. I didn't see the comment section, but Jess is my sister so she should know where to send it. Congrats on the success.

  3. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this amazing auction. I feel so loved by everyone. It blows me away all of the love from total strangers.

  4. You are loved Becky :) So, there is a comment section in the paypal thing or do we do in the comment section where we bid??

  5. Ditto, can't exactly figure out where to put my address. In the comments for the thing I won?

  6. If you didn't put it in the comments on payal, you can email us your info at baldforbecky@gmail.com I would hate for you to have to post all of your personal info on here. :)

  7. Thanks Beth. Now I can get it all done :)