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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Set of 4 Inspirational Prints

Set of 4 Inspirational Prints

This set of 4 inspirational screen prints contains one of each of the following prints: -'You Are So Loved' -- printed in yellow-orange ink -'You Are My Sunshine' -- printed in light blue ink -'We Are All Made of Stars' -- printed in metallic silver ink -'You Are Not Alone' -- printed in royal blue ink The prints measure approximately 4x4" on 5x7" thick, archival card stock. ***Note: prints can be substituted-- i have many other screen prints listed in the shop; if there is one you would like instead, just let me know when you order the set, and I'll send you what you'd like!***

{All of the You are my Sunshine prints on this auction are here because this is "the" Veatch family song. All of the girls, including Natalie, can be caught singing their special version of this song throughout the day. }