{the 411 on becky's auction of all things cute}

•The auction will be going from Sept. 7th until September 10th. (ending at midnight, pst)

•You may bid on items by leaving a comment on that item's post with your bid.

•Please make sure that you got to page 2 of our awesomeness and do not comment anonymously as that would make things tough when you win.

• If you would like to donate an item of cuteness to Becky's auction, please email baldforbecky at gmail dot com. Spread the word to all of your friends because we want to help Becky's family as much as we possibly can.

•For updates on Becky's treatment, you can follow her facebook page.

•If you are notified as a winner, you can follow our donate link to donate and include your shipping info in the comments section of your paypal payment.

Monday, August 16, 2010

fundraising fun

Welcome to our fancy shmancy fundraising site. There are a few ways to help in the fundraising efforts right now.
•buy a shirt. they're stylish. they're fabulous. AND 66% of the cost goes to Becky's family. At $15 a piece, I'd say that's pretty sweet.
• Come to our incredibly happening fundraiser on September 15th. Show up anytime between 1 and 7 pm to give blood (for free!), buy a shirt or go bald for Becky. This is going to be a great time to just hang out with Becky and her family. We'll be at the Snohomish Grange. (800 2nd St)
•Donate to our online sale. We're setting up an etsy site that will sell wares with all of the proceeds benefiting Becky's family.
•Coming *very soon* will be a way to donate directly to an account we are setting up for her family. This will be an easy way to help and we are thinking that this is how we're going to have everyone pay for t-shirts. not completely sure.


  1. What are you puttin in the Etsy shop? Anything I can make and contribute from here? I would love to get in on that! Love you guys.

  2. Are you taking donations of merchandise to be sold in this future etsy store? I would love to help out if so. Email me at peggyanndesign {at} gmail.com.

  3. I would also be interested in donating some of my ShadowCases for the online auction. Please let me know if I can help! janna@shadowcase.com or check out my Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/shadowcase. My thoughts are with Becky--you are an angel!